Frequently Asked Questions


Are there specific inventories or assessments that you’ve taken recently (i.e. Strength Finder, DISC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, etc.)? If so, briefly share your results.

According to Myers-Briggs testing I am an ENTP. According to Enneagram I am a type 3. Also according to the Motivational gifts testing, I am Exhorter.

Do you have experience leading paid staff and/or volunteers? If so, how many and in what capacity?

Yes. In my current position I have a full time Junior High Pastor that reports to me. I also lead a team of 15-25 adult volunteers to assist me in responsibilities that I delegate.

Have you ever had to step down from a ministry position or face church discipline in light of a moral failure?

No, never.

How would you describe your leadership style (i.e. collaborative, delegator, relational, strategic, etc.)?

I love to build platforms for people to run. By this I mean, I love surrounding myself with creative driven talent that does not compromise on good enough, but is eager to see what great looks like. I am a delegator, a macro manager, and believe in raising up leadership around me. I have found that my best leaders have been sons and daughters I have discipled. So I believe in building a house that creates leaders who create leaders. Me and my wife are always looking for people to do one on one discipleship. I love to encourage and build a team to do the same.
I am a jack of all trades. My proficiency in a lot of skills has given me an educated perspective in leading people who perform these skills.

What are your theological absolutes and/or non-negotiables?

Jesus is the only way to the Father is a non-negotiable. As for my other doctrinal beliefs such as: the Trinity, water baptism, baptism of the Holy Spirit, marriage between being between man and woman, Calvinism or Arminianism, I would love to discuss this in person so that you can see the spirit of how I approach these doctrines. Since I have yet to meet a married couple that agreed on everything, I think it would be unwise to expect an entire church to do the same. Generally speaking, it’s my belief that all doctrine must be coated through the law of love. There are other beliefs I have that I consider important, but love covers our differences. It’s important to make room for different perspectives to be able to disagree and still stand in love.

What are your top three spiritual gifts?

According to the giftings listed in Romans 12, I have the motivational gift of exhorter. According to the manifestation gifts in 1 Corinthians 12, I have experienced many of these such as discernment, tongues and prophecy. According to the offices listed in Ephesians 4, I believe I operate in the office of shepherd.

What notable skillset do you have?

I’m a leader builder and love building people and teams. I am not trying to build my own kingdom and am deeply passionate about being a part of what God is doing. I can be in the front and just as quickly serve in the background. Over the years there are no roles, in church, that I have not experienced. I have been responsible for children’s ministry, youth ministry, college ministry, adult ministry, small groups, leading worship teams by singing and playing guitar, running church management integration, setup and managed QuickBooks for churches. I am proficient in adobe products such as photoshop, premiere pro, and after effects. I have done church graphics from series slides to video work and everything in between. I have a lot of experience in sound installs, video installs, stage design and lighting in several churches. I have experience running social media as you can see from my listed Instagram, and Facebook. You may also be interested in my weekly podcast:
I am proficient at web development as you can see from my online resume I created at: You can see from my podcast and the preaching example included in this questionnaire that I am a skilled speaker. I have experience operating on a leadership level in large churches of over 1500-3000 and small ones of 150-300. I am good with finances. As listed above, I am proficient in QuickBooks and running a church budget. More importantly, in every church department I have been responsible for I have operated in the black and developed a surplus using fundraising, budget and contact donations. In my current church I am given no budget whatsoever, and yet have always maintained a positive balance of thousands

Why are you leaving Youth Ministry, and your current church? 

ive never seen youth ministry as a stepping stool to pastor. the proof of that is in me being in youth ministry for over 20 years. Leaving youth ministry was only done after the voice of the Lord telling me it was time. Simply put its what God is telling me to do.

Is your current employer aware of you leaving, and what is their perspective of it? 

Yes, and I have their blessing. Feel free to call Allen Hickman, his contact is one of my references. His response was while he would love to keep me longer, he wanted to honor the voice of the lord and his direction for my life.

What about length of time with your previous Jobs?

I have served my current church for 5 years. In My previous church, cornerstone, i was on staff for about 12 years.

Describe a redemptive time in your journey walking with Christ (relational issues/personal struggle/addiction issues/etc.).

I started youth ministry with goals in mind. Some goals were numbers, others were non-tangible spiritual concepts. I am goal oriented. I write down a goal and run towards a target. When I was at Cornerstone Church, I had finally reached my goal of 70 youth. I was excited, but that excitement turned to absolute dismay. The next week, for no reason I could explain, I had less than 20 youth show up. I remember expressing my frustration to God as, “God, I want off the rollercoaster. I am up one moment and down the next. I can be fine with whatever you want, just tell me. I am finished with all the up and down.”
That night, as I slept, I had a dream. It was about a North Korean missionary girl who had been captured in a labor camp. She was simply loving on people in the camp and creating a community around the love of God. After some time, a video of her capture smuggled out and the U.S. secured her release. Upon arrival, it became apparent she was from a broken home. It also became apparent to her that the U.S. was not where she belonged. So, she traveled back to North Korea and aided in the escape of the people she met in the labor camp. The plan was for each individual to travel alone, but at the same time avoid capture. She was the only one who took a young girl with her because the girl was too young to travel by herself. Tragically, she became wounded and was fading fast. Panicking, not for herself but for the little girl, she looked up and saw one of the others trying to escape. It was a miracle because they were not supposed to run into each other. God had clearly guided them. She handed off the young girl as she was fading away.

At this point I woke up and God told me two unforgettable things. He said, “Brent, it’s better to be in a communist country labor camp knowing that it’s where I said to be, than to be anywhere else in the world.” And secondly he said, “What if all I had for you to do was disciple one young man? What if this young man discipled another, who then discipled another, who then discipled a young girl from a broken home who then went on to be a missionary in North Korea? Would that be enough for you?” I surrendered and said, “Absolutely.” It took me a few months of heartbreak to surrender the goals I had been pursuing for so long. What I learned was God is into building His kingdom, not mine. Subsequently, God sent me a leadership team far better than any I had developed in the past. Rather Ironically, It was a short time after this that God promoted me to the